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Kat Marriner : August 9th, 2012


Willie, Carole and Lou hike in the Mt Roberts rainforest

The Yellow Tent is in Alaska! Touched down in Juneau and got swooped up by friends Lou and Carole, whom Willie met years ago as a bicycle tour guide. Carole and Lou treated us in “Alaska-style” feasting on halibut for lunch and Carole’s amazing crab cakes for dinner accompanied by Lou’s fresh-picked garden salad. With hosts so good to us, we may never leave this place. But there’s a bicycle adventure to be had!

Spirit Tree

Willie and I have lived in the Seattle area for nearly 30 years, but neither of had ever ventured north to Alaska. This last couple of weeks we would gleefully announce to each other in our goofiest awe-shucks voice, “We’re goin’ to Alaska!” As much as we’ve traveled and camped, something about this big, wild state makes me feel like an awestruck city kid. In the morning we board the ferry to Haines, where we point our bikes on the only road out of town, keep turning right when we come to another road, and 9 days later we will end up in Skagway. With directions like that, we’ll have to work harder to get lost.

4 comments to Awestruck

  • sage

    Let me know ıf you will be making it to Anchorage. Your cgoab postings have always been a great help… I would be happy to share hospıtality ın my home cıty.

  • Scott Marriner

    Sounds fabulous! We’re in Elma now. 58° at 11 AM on Friday. Maybe Alaska’s warmer?

  • Noni/Mom

    It was a joy to find you….once I scrolled down far enough!..(two other times I only went to Yellow Tent site) Sounds like you got well taken care of once you arrived there. That’s so nice, especially folks who will feed you and take you in…and then tell you to just keep turning right to get to your destination. You’ve probably never had it so easy. It sounds like you’re going to have an awesome adventure out in the wilderness. Watch out for the bears.
    My love goes with you!

  • Sage,
    By your CGOAB comment, I’m guessing that you are referring to the other “William Weir”
    Read the story in the link below for details.


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